1. Giving Back

Orange Men are highly privileged white males. The rest of the world is not as privileged and that’s why the Orange Men are giving back a generous portion of our profits to NGOs that support diversity, equality and inclusion. Our community chooses the charities we donate to in our Discord server

2. Life-Long Royalties To Minters

You heard it right, we’re looking out for our early supporters. The original minters of Orange Men NFT’s will receive 2.5% of royalties of secondary sales. We have programmed the smart contract to pay the original minters in perpetuity

3. P2E Blockchain Gaming Casino

Orange Men LOVE gambling and so do we. After our NFT launch we will be holding an initial dex offering (IDO) event to launch the $ORNG utility token. These tokens will be used to play in the Orange Men’s casino with our first game, Rarity Roulette


Pre Launch

  • Giveaways, promotions and random airdrops
  • Real life Orange Men painting giveaway by the talented Sedef Gali’

Public Sale - November 4th

  • Discord Launch Party
  • Orange Men painting giveaway

Post Launch

  • Secondary Marketplace listing
  • NFT rarities revealed
  • Community chosen charity donations

Orange Men IDO - 75% Sold Out

  • Release $ORNG utility tokens to the original Orange Men NFT minters via initial dex offering (IDO)
  • $ORNG tokens will be used to participate in our blockchain-powered virtual Taj Mahal casino

Blockchain Gaming Casino Launch - 100% Sold Out

  • Launch of the Taj Mahal Gaming Casino where holders will use their NFTs and $ORNG to play the first blockchain casino game, Rarity Roulette
  • Roll out additional casino games

P2E Blockchain Game: Rarity Roulette


Orange Men are in the casino business and so are we. Once we complete the mint of the Orange Men NFTs we will release our first $ORNG tokens. Holders will be able to gamble with their NFTs and the tokens. A portion of the community wallet funds the casino and the odds are locked in at 50:50 giving everyone an equal and fair chance of winning.


Each Orange Men NFT has unique characteristics that are used in the Rarity Roulette game. Your NFT rarities will determine the winning odds in the roulette game.


Plates select their NFT(s) from their wallets and spin the wheel to generate a character that is randomly generated by the casino. The goal of the game is to match attributes from your NFT to the generated NFT.


Your wins are determined by the number of tokens you have pledged towards each rarity.

Meet The Team


Orange Daddy is a product strategist at a global enterprise blockchain firm. He works with early stage blockchain startups, ICOs and dexes to build marketing and GTM strategies. Prior to blockchain, he was a consultant in Silicon Valley advising leading companies in the internet, software and media space.

Orange Daddy has a B.Sc degree in Engineering and Masters degree from an Ivy League school


Nerds amongst nerds come together as one to tackle the impossible in tech, aspiring outside crypto as a cloud systems developer and alt coin lover.

From a young age coding has been the one true passion leading to graduating a few years back with a BSC in Computer Science. The key to Leo's heart is a cheese-burger on his lunch breaks!


Elcin is a cyborg, based in a commons-centric future. She mainly focuses on tech-enabled environmental change and co-operation potential of cybernetics in society and art.

She creates digital illustrations and new media works using the theory and performance of machine creativity, and redefining its role in her art‐making practice. Her works are characterized by herself as a comic doll, powered by AI features and modern machine learning algorithms.


Orange Granger has been a social media professional for over 4 years, working her way up in community-led growth companies. Everything she learned there, she has transferred onto the crpytosphere, advising projects on their social media strategy.

Orange Granger loves chatting in Discord, listening to people and spreading positivity.


Orange Dota is a DeFi degen yield farming in unaudited contracts. The 2017 ICO craze was music to his ears and he worked at a crypto exchange.

Moving from traditional finance to crypto Kimchi Premium was his best decision.


Intergalactic Funk runs a digital media firm and is dipping his toe into the NFT world for the first time.

Don’t let this rookie fool you though - he’s like Shaq in his first NBA season - we’re talking rookie of the year. Nerd since before it was cool, Pinky & The Brain aficionado. Master of nothing, shit at most things.

Causes We Care About

Girls With Impact

Effective Altruism

Kite Project

Give Directly

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you choose the Orange Men as your design?
We choose Orange Men as an ironic symbol. We wanted to use this figure to raise awareness towards human rights, equality and diversity.

Who are the artists behind Orange Men?
The Orange Men collection is made by our talented Mexican illustrators. The real life painting prize is hand drawn by Turkish pop-art painter Sedef Gali. Art without borders!

What charities will you be donating to? Will there be a blockchain record of your donations?
We will be donating to charities and organizations that serve various NGO causes. Our community will decide on which charities we should donate to before the minting event. We will be choosing from a list of “on-chain” charities so that you can track exactly where donations go on the blockchain.

How much is an Orange Men NFT?
Orange Men NFTs will be minted for 1 SOL apiece. Our collection is priced to limit the supply so that it appreciates like a fine wine.

Is there an Orange Men presale event?
Yes. We are whitelisting 2,000 community members who promote the Orange Men and our charity cause. The details of the presale event will be announced on Discord.

Will Orange Men be listed on the secondary market?
Orange Men have partnered with specific marketplaces for secondary sales, however, we suggest that you HODL until the casino is launched.

When will the Orange Men casino launch?
We are aiming to launch the Rarity Roulette game in Q1 2022. After the initial mint we are holding an IDO event to allocate a portion of the proceeds to the $ORNG token. The tokens are used to play the casino games.

How many Orange Men can I buy at the minting event?
We will be capping the number of Orange Men that a single wallet address can purchase during the minting event.